About Cornish Daisy and Cornish Daisy Dribble Bibs

Kate Wedlake

I’m Kate and welcome to my world here at ‘Cornish Daisy’!


I’ve lived in Cornwall all my life and absolutely love it hence the name of the business! Our small holding is home and work place for my husband, our three boys, one little girl, a menagerie of animals, oh and me of course!

As a stay at home Mum (and business woman) to bouncing boys it was quite a change in 2008 when I had a baby girl!

I made her beautiful girly hand-made clothes which needed to be protected from all the milk and dribble but because she was so tiny (being six weeks early) I wanted something that would be delicate and soft whilst still being robust enough to do the job!

So I created my ‘Cornish Daisy Dribble Bibs’ just for her!

I made them initially as a Mum, for my own baby. Everything from the initial design down to the very last stitch is made with love and I’m very proud of the product I now sell (and still hand-make) to my customers.

The traditional bib shape forms the inner with anti pil fleece, a breathable yet resistant fabric.

A large triangular piece of super soft and absorbent stretch cotton jersey is then used to create the outer.

With this innovative design it means the inner bib sits snugly on the baby without any unnecessary bulk while the outer produces a cowl effect to leave air gaps between the linings; this aides evaporation of liquid as it is absorbed.

The two are overlocked in a contrast stitch ensuring no bulky seams and they dry amazingly quickly!

Taking inspiration from many cloth nappies I use resin snaps in funky colours to match the prints on my material and hey presto – you have yourself a ‘Cornish Daisy Dribble Bib’!

Over time I have taken my 24’ by 12’ insulated shed on our smallholding in West Cornwall, from tiny domestic work room to a compact business space.

Situated at the end of a bumpy lane (the delivery drivers love it!) is where all the ‘Cornish Daisy’ magic happens!

My small sewing machines have been replaced slowly but surely with industrial ones, 3 or 4 meters of fabric have turned into rolls and we have a fantastic time making the bibs whilst listening to Radio 2 (rather loudly) and being warmed by the wood burner.

When I say we I mean me and my Mum who helps out and together it’s the perfect environment to create all things ‘Cornish Daisy’.

The little girl who so inspired the product also likes to lend a hand and with her toy sewing machine we have three generations on the production line of my lovely little family business!